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With ever-changing legislation, it may seem like successful and strategic tax planning is a moving target at times – and, at other times, may seem like a labyrinth. As a taxpayer, you want to work with an experienced tax CPA who stays at the forefront of these changes—as well as any industry-specific developments that might impact your business.Whether for corporate or individual, domestic or international, for-profit or not-for-profit, our tax services focus on providing proactive ideas to ensure compliance and put you in an optimal tax position. Our full range of tax services combined with our deep knowledge of tax code provides unsurpassed quality and results for our clients.

Corporate Tax Services

Through a consultancy focus on tax efficiency and minimization, we help businesses concentrate on generating income to maximize growth and profitability. Corporate tax regulations are ever changing and forward-looking companies require advisors who stay current to ensure success. At Williams & Associates CPA’s, we take a proactive stance toward tax regulations and stay up to date with its evolving changes.

Williams & Associates specializes in helping businesses solve corporate tax challenges. We hold in-depth knowledge of our clients’ industries and devise original strategies to increase profitability. We proactively advise our clients on the most current strategies with a goal of minimizing taxes. Our most common corporate tax services include:

  • Preparation of tax returns
  • Research and planning of tax mitigation and deferral strategies
  • Optimum entity structure determination
  • Internal corporate tax issues ie. compliance, consulting, planning


Personal Tax Services

Personal tax situations for individuals and business owners are more complicated than ever. We provide guidance as well as fresh ideas that ensure compliance while minimizing liability. From employee stock options and transfers, to royalty and real estate transactions, the Philadelphia area CPA firm of Williams & Associates will make sure that your situation is handled in a compliant and tax efficient manner.

Estates & Trusts

Many of our clients rely on Williams & Associates CPA’s to properly file their estate and trust tax returns, as well as Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax filings. There is much at stake with these filings, and proper compliance can make the difference when it comes time for distribution, settlement and wind down. We have years of experience with these matters and we look forward to helping families preserve wealth and minimize tax consequences.

International Tax Services

Multinational interests require tax advice that spans the globe. From compliance to structuring of investments, repatriation/expatriation of funds, pre-immigration planning, foreign tax credit planning, FBAR and FATCA compliance, and multinational joint ventures, we provide experience and insight to minimize liabilities and offer worldwide security.

State and Local Tax (SALT) Services

State and local taxes often equal or exceed federal tax liabilities and are a large contributor to operating expenses, which can reduce cash flow. We provide guidance to companies with operations or customers in more than one state to address differences between tax laws and identify credits, incentives and other strategies to ensure strong tax positions across state borders

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Every day we help individuals and businesses stay connected with their financial information while reducing the time they spend organizing it and minimizing their tax burden. Find out how we can help you!

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I am truly thankful that I decided to switch accountants and go with Williams & Associates. No more gathering paper all the time to send to my accountant. Brian has streamlined the process and now I have all financial reports in real time, with no extra work.

Mark C.( HMI Transportation Inc. )